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East Wisconsin Waters Region
Two Creeks Buried State Forest
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Two Creeks Buried State Forest is a unique natural reserve that showcases the remnants of an ancient ecosystem buried beneath layers of glacial deposits. This remarkable forest is named after the two creeks that once flowed through the area and played a significant role in shaping the landscape. The forest offers a captivating glimpse into the region's geological history, featuring exposed layers of sand, clay, gravel, and even ancient tree stumps. With its diverse flora and fauna, Two Creeks Buried State Forest serves as an intriguing outdoor classroom for those interested in understanding the Earth's past and the forces that have shaped our environment today.
History of the Area
Two Creeks Buried State Forest, located in northeastern Wisconsin, has a unique geological history. It is notable for the presence of ancient buried river valleys, which date back to the last Ice Age, approximately 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

During the Ice Age, the region was covered by an enormous glacier known as the Green Bay Lobe. As the glacier advanced and retreated, it reshaped the landscape, carving out large tunnels called subglacial meltwater tunnels. These tunnels, formed as meltwater carved its way through the ice, created deep and narrow valleys.

As the glacier began to melt and retreat, enormous amounts of sediment were deposited within these subglacial meltwater tunnels. Over time, this sediment accumulated, burying the river valleys under layers of sand and gravel. The result is a unique geological feature known as a "buried river valley."

The name "Two Creeks" refers to two small creeks that flow through the forest, namely the Shoto Creek and the East Twin River. These waterways follow the path of the ancient buried river valleys beneath the sandy surface.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recognized the scientific value and the unique natural characteristics of the site and established it as Two Creeks Buried State Forest in 1966. The state forest encompasses 700 acres of land and provides opportunities for camping, hiking, birdwatching, and nature appreciation.
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Two Creeks Buried State Forest is located near Manitowoc, Two Rivers

1. Two Creeks Interpretive Trail: A 0. 5-mile loop trail, featuring interpretative signs about the geological history of Wisconsin.

2. Ice Age National Scenic Trail - Point Beach Segment: This is a 10-mile segment that passes through the forest and offers views of Lake Michigan.

3. Rawley Point Recreational Trail: An easy-rated, multi-use paved path extending for approximately six miles within the state forest boundaries; suitable for hiking or biking.

4. Forest Loop Hiking Pathway: Approximately one mile in length with moderate difficulty level due to its uneven terrain and steep inclines at certain points.

5. The Ridges Sanctuary Trails System: Though not directly inside Two Creeks State Forest, it's nearby offering over five miles of trails showcasing unique plant life including many rare species native to this area only.

6. Two Rivers Bike/Hike/Run/Walk Pathways Network: Another adjacent network consisting several short pathways totaling around four miles which can be accessed from multiple locations near Two Creek Buried State Park entrance.

7. Point Beach Nature Trails: These are three separate loops ranging between half a mile up-to two-and-a-half-miles long each providing scenic woodland walks along sandy dunes overlooking lake shores.

8. Lake Shore Picnic Area Walkway: Short walkable pathway leading towards picnic spots by lakeside also provides access point connecting other longer trails like Rawley's & beach nature ones mentioned above.

9. Rawley Dune Overlook Platform Access Route: Less than quarter-of-a-mile-long but leads straight onto an elevated platform giving panoramic view across entire park landscape as well surrounding water bodies.

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From Milwaukee, Wisconsin:
1. Start on I:43 N from E Kilbourn Ave.
2. Continue straight for about 100 miles to Manitowoc County.
3. Take exit 154 towards Two Rivers/Manitowoc onto WI:310 W.
4. After approximately two miles, turn left onto Tannery Rd.

From Green Bay, Wisconsin:
1. Begin your journey on US:141 S/I41-S from Dousman St and Main Street Bridge.
2. Drive along the highway until you reach Exit 179B toward Maribel Caves Road/WI147N in Cooperstown Town.
3. Take a right at this junction then drive down till Larrabee street where you will take another right into it that leads directly to Two Creeks Buried State Forest.

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Wisconsin State Parks