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Connecticut River Valley Region
Tolland State Forest
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410 Tolland Road PO Box 342
East Otis, Massachusetts   01029

Phone: 413-269-6002
Reservations: 413-269-6002
Otis Reservoir, the 1,065-acre centerpiece of Tolland State Forest, provides a wide variety of recreational activities. The boat launch ramp is popular with fishermen seeking trout and bass which inhabit its depths.

In season, the Forest is a popular camping destination offering the unique opportunity to camp on a scenic lake peninsula. There is also a wooded lakeside picnic area with a sandy beach and a public boat launch. The Forest also provides several multi-use trails open year-round. In season, there is hunting for all types of game including turkey, bear and deer.
History of the Area
Tolland State Forest is located in the town of Tolland in Hampden County, Massachusetts. Its history dates back to the early 19th century when the land was primarily used for farming and logging. The forest's landscape was altered by the various industries that operated in the area, including charcoal production, sawmills, and iron ore mining.

In the late 19th century, extensive logging occurred in the region where Tolland State Forest now stands. The forests were harvested for their timber, primarily used for building materials in growing nearby cities. Large amounts of wood were transported out of the area by railroads.

In the 1930s, as a part of the New Deal program, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) transformed the land into a state forest. The CCC was responsible for reforesting the area with tree species such as red and white pine, spruce, and hemlock. They also constructed various infrastructure and recreational facilities within the forest, including roads, trails, picnic areas, and a campground.

During the 1940s, portions of Tolland State Forest were converted into farmlands as part of the national effort to increase food production during World War II. However, after the war, the land returned to its previous state as a state forest.

The management of Tolland State Forest has focused on maintaining and preserving the natural landscape while providing recreational opportunities for visitors. The forest now offers activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, camping, and hunting (during specific seasons). The lakes within the forest, including Otis Reservoir and Tolland State Forest Pond, are popular destinations for swimming, boating, and fishing.

Tolland State Forest remains an important natural and recreational area in Massachusetts, providing residents and visitors with a picturesque and peaceful environment to enjoy.
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1. Lakeview Trail: This is a 2-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the Otis Reservoir and features diverse wildlife.

2. Tolland State Forest Loop: A moderate, 3-mile hike with beautiful forest scenery, this trail also provides access to several fishing spots along its route.

3. Boulder Park Trail: An easy half mile walk through an area filled with large boulders left behind by glaciers thousands of years ago; great for families or beginner hikers.

4. Wildcat Brook Wildlife Management Area Trails: These trails offer various lengths from one to three miles in length featuring wetlands and brooks throughout the journey making it perfect for bird watching enthusiasts.

5. East Otis Fire Tower Hike: It's a short but steep climb up to an old fire tower offering panoramic views over Massachusetts' largest body of water - The Great Barrington reservoirs.

6. Sanderson Brooks Falls Pathway: A challenging uphill trek leading you towards stunning waterfall vistas at around two miles round trip distance.

7. Farmington River Rail-Trail Extension - Southern Section: Ideal for biking as well as hiking, this flat pathway follows alongside picturesque riverbanks.

8. Beaver Pond Nature Walk: Easy level walking path encircling beaver pond providing opportunities spotting local fauna including deer, foxes etcetera.

9. Old Blandford Road Historic Route: Follow ancient carriage roadways while exploring remnants colonial era settlements scattered across dense woodlands on these four mile long pathways.

10. Hemlock Gorge Overlook Track: Short yet rewarding ascent culminating into breathtaking overlook onto deep gorge carved out by roaring Westfield river below.

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Camp Overflow
PO Box 645
Otis, MA
Mountain View Campground Inc
1856 South Main Street
Otis, MA
Walker Island Camping
27 Route 20
Chester, MA
Sodom Mountain Campground
227 South Loomis Street
Southwick, MA
Laurel Ridge Camping Area
40 Old Blandford Road
East Otis, MA
Prospect Mountain Campground/RV Park
Route 57 Box 323
Granville, MA

Tolland State Forest is located in the southern Berkshires in western Massachusetts.From the East:/Mass Pike (Rte. I-90): Take Exit 3 in Westfield. Bear right after tolls and follow Rtes. 10/202 south for 3 miles into downtown Westfield. Turn right onto US Rte. 20 west and continue for 6 miles. Turn left onto MA Rte. 23 west and continue for 11 miles through Blandford into Otis. About 0.5 mile past East Otis village turn left onto West Shore Road. Follow brown lead-in signs. Continue on West Shore Road (becomes Reservoir Rd.) for 0.3 miles. Turn left on to Tolland Road and continue for 2.2 miles to campground and day-use area entrance.From West:/Mass Pike (Rte. I-90): Take Exit 2 in Lee. Follow US Rte. 20 east for 7 miles. Turn right onto MA Rte. 8 south and continue for 5.6 miles to Otis center. Turn left onto MA Rte. 23 east for 2.9 miles. Turn right West Shore Road. Follow brown lead-in signs. Continue on West Shore Road (becomes Reservoir Rd.) for 0.3 miles. Turn left on to Tolland Road and continue for 2.2 miles to campground and day-use area entrance.From North or South/Rte. 8: Take MA Rte 8 to Otis. Turn onto MA Rte. 23 east and continue for 2.9 miles. Turn right onto West Shore Road. Follow brown lead-in signs. Continue on West Shore Road (becomes Reservoir Rd.) for 0.3 miles. Turn left on to Tolland Road and continue for 2.2 miles to campground and day-use area entrance.

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Massachusetts State Parks