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Minnesota State Parks

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Arrowhead Region
Superior National Forest
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8901 Grand Avenue Place
Duluth, Minnesota   55808
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Located in northeastern Minnesota's arrowhead region, lies the Superior National Forest comprising three million acres. The Forest spans 150 miles along the United States-Canadian border. Here you can find recreation opportunities year round, including travel in the <A HREF=""> Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness </A>.
 Hiking Trailyes
1. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: This area offers over 2,000 designated campsites for canoeing and fishing enthusiasts.

2. Sawbill Lake Campground: Located near the BWCAW, this campground provides access to a variety of recreational activities including hiking, wildlife viewing and water sports.

3. East Bearskin Campground: Situated on the shores of East Bearskin Lake with boat ramp facilities available for campers who wish to explore or fish in the lake.

4. Fall Lake Campground: Offers both RV sites and tent camping areas along with picnic tables at each site.

5. Two Island River Rustic Tent Camping Site: A rustic backcountry experience without amenities like electricity or running water but surrounded by beautiful wilderness scenery.

6. Crescent Lake Campgrounds: Provides easy access to boating,fishing opportunities as well as trails leading into Superior National Forest.

7. McDougal Lakes Recreation Area: Ideal place if you are looking forward towards peaceful environment away from crowds offering primitive style camping options.

8. Kimball Creek Boat Landing & Primitive Camping Sites: Perfect spot for those seeking solitude while enjoying nature's beauty.

9. South Kawishiwi River (Ely): It is located adjacent to Birch lake providing ample opportunity for swimming,fishing etc.

10. FenskeLakeCampgrounds(Ely): It has lakeside sites that provide scenic views plus it also have group campsite option which can accommodate upto 50 people.

Superior National Forest is

1. Border Route Trail: This 65-mile trail offers a challenging hike through the eastern part of Superior National Forest, providing breathtaking views over Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Canada.

2. Kekekabic Trail: Known as "The Kek," this remote 41-mile trail traverses bogs, rocky ridges and dense forest from Snowbank Lake to Gunflint Lake in northeastern Minnesota.

3. Eagle Mountain Pathway: A moderate level hiking path that leads you up to the highest point in Minnesota - Eagle Mountain (2301 feet). The round trip is about seven miles long with some steep sections near the summit.

4. Sioux-Hustler Loop Hiking Trails: An adventurous backpacking route covering approximately 30-miles around Shell lake area offering scenic overlooks on pristine lakeshores along its way.

5. North Country Scenic Trail - Arrowhead Reroute Section: It's an extensive section of national trails system spanning across multiple states including Michigan & New York; In MN it cuts right through SNF showcasing diverse landscapes like wetlands, hardwood forests etc.,.

6. Snowbank-Disappointment loop: Approximately a strenuous two-day trekking circuit starting at snow bank lake leading towards disappointment peak via kekakabic trail before looping back again,.

7. Angleworm Trial: About fourteen mile wilderness pathway circling angleworm lake ideal for overnight camping or day hikes featuring beautiful water bodies en-route,.

8. Magnetic Rock Interpretive Walking Pathway: Easy three mile return walk suitable even for kids taking hikers past geological wonders such as magnetic rock formation amidst lush greenery,.

9. Caribou Rock Trial: West Bearskin Lake Circuit ; Steep six:and-half mile journey climbing high above west bear skin lake giving panoramic vistas making all uphill efforts worthwhile,.

10. Carlton Peak Summit Trek: Short yet rewarding climb upto Carlton peak overlooking Temperance river valley,.

11. Superior Hiking Trail: This 310-mile long trail stretches from Duluth to the Canadian border, passing through SNF and offering stunning views of Lake Superior along its path.

12. Taconite State Trail: Multi-use pathway stretching over hundred miles connecting grand rapids & Ely, mostly used for snowmobiling in winters but also open for hiking during summers,.

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From Duluth, following State highway 63 north about 60 miles along Lake Superior to State highway 1 north will take you to the heart of the forest.

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Minnesota State Parks