Roman Nose State Park 'at ourfav spot' © debbie
this is at our fav spot . it runs along the picnic spot and back into the trees.
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Roman Nose State Park
Roman Nose State Park
Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
February 26
great place very hard to make reservations no one ever answrs the phone
February 21 Fun
We always have a blast when we go here! and we always have great time down by the spring area.
July 23 8th year family reunion..10 cabins plus by HELP
interesting weekend, came for 8 years....no roll-away anymore?, walls between rooms?, No towel service have to drive to hotel/office for towels after paying $104.00 per night (10 Cabins)then to top it off we had park ranger on our back at less 5-8 times the whole weekend about things we had done for 8 years...ok i know he was a fill in for vocation, but he badmouthed all employee at roman nose, put is finger right in my face. we love roman nose have from 100-50 every year for 8 years ...love jennifer and terry at front desk have never had problems till this year...we are real close to finding another reunion place.
June 25 Camping by jbug
Just got back from Roman Nose had a wonderful time. Great camping area with hook up for elec, water and sewage. First time back since I was a kid.
April 26 Oklahoma Paradise. by Dana
Ckean state park, Beautiful Day, A wonderful Park Ranger named Ethan. It was a great field trip. nice water, nice trails, no trash...clean bathrooms and I am going back next weekend!!! thank you Roman Nose State Park
December 14 One of my favorite state parks in OK by Dr. Joe
I have been going to RNSP for @ 15-20 yrs. Great discount for the handicap/disable vets Great hiking, fishing and just to chill. Highly recomended to relax!!!Not so far away from OKC.
September 4 Excellent hiking trails by newseditor
If you like hiking, Roman Nose is outstanding. Many trails, excellent scenery. Nice, quiet setting. Newly renovated lodge looks really nice.
July 17 Fun
I have never spent a prolonged time at Roman Nose, but some of my fondest memories as a child were there. The pool and horse back riding was always really fun. We usually stayed at the lodge which was really nice and had breakfast on the patio as we fed a racoon that frequented the patio for bisquits. Love it! Very sad to read some of the posts about it being unpleasant and dirty, I never experienced that part, but, I never stayed in the cabins nor went on a holiday weekend.
April 28 had a great time 2010 by ameliabadelia41
we have went to camp on several occasions even in pouring rain and I loved it we was soak by the time we got our tent up... every one is so nice and the diner is wonderful they have games to play while we waited out the rain.. paddle boats are alot of fun, canoes, mini golf and great walking and hiking trails I guess they have bike trails too but we didnt take bikes.. this year I want to stay a night in the NEW hotel that is what I plan for my honeys birthday.. they have new management and I think it will be great again this year. I want a job there but live too far.LOL P.S. the pool is beautiful the grounds are beautiful there are springs that are icy cold I think it is a bit of heaven on earth I believe it is a must try, I thought the showers were clean it is an older park but they have good upkeep and the rangers made many rounds and were very friendly to us. Agian I love the place they have houses you can rent even if your not a camper we looked at them and they were clean.. you could do some thing different everyday for a week at least. No Im not family I just have camped MANY places and in my opinion it is lovely there..
April 25 NICE PARK SMALL CABINS by April 2011
I enjoyed the park itself, very beautiful. The cabins were so small. The bathroom was so gross. They need to completely tear it out and replace it. And the Kitchen Cabinets were so old. I felt like we spent a lot of money staying there that they should be able to clean the cabin better, the floors were so dirty, they did not sweep under the couch, we had to clean it..
December 20 great trout fishing
November 29 Fond Memories of Growing Up by Richard Balzer
I grew up less than an hour from Roman Nose and my family frequently camped there. It was and still is one of my favorite places to take day-trips and over nighters to. The pool is huge, the paddle boats a blast, and the canyon just beautiful.
September 9 by Jarrod
We had our family reunion at Roman Nose this year(2010) and had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a group location. The pool was huge, horses were friendly, and the rangers and maintenance staff were very helpful.
September 9 Never visit
The comment from the person who said they would never visit again was sad to me. I have never stayed here but have learned in my years of camping that it is usually best NOT to go no a holiday weekend. Parks are always crowded and funding only allows so many employees, who are overworked and usually underpaid.
August 3 Try the lobster! by Andrew Ryerson
This is one of the best parks in the state park system. I have been returning to this park for 8 years now and I have to say that it is beautiful, well maintained (for a state budget and the traffic it gets) and the park operators and rangers have always been top notch in assuring us a safe and enjoyable experience. This park is good for large groups of 300 or so in Turkey Roost (which I do) as well as a nice family cabin getaway.
July 23 Beautiful Location by Bryan Crump
Roman Nose is a beautiful park. The sunsets are amazing and there is plenty that the park has to offer. The visitor center has some very helpful and kind people as well. I highly recommend visiting the park when you get the chance. It is a perfect spot to take nature photos as well.
May 31 Will not ever visit this state park agai
The weekend was not a total diseaster but very close, the pool was not open until Sunday and it was so over crowded by very rude people, the last night there a church group from Burns Flat arrived and they proceeded to sing, play guitar, tamborine until midnight they had no concern for anyone else and the park ranger was no where to be found. we had to contact the Watonga police department. Taking a shower was a risk to ones health there were hairballs in the drains so you were always ankle deep in other peoples stuff. I took my daughter here several years ago and had the best time so while we still hold on to the wonderful memories we made when she was little this is a state park that has become someplace we will never go and I strongly recommend anyone else looking for a fun clean family excursion go else where.
May 17 Fun Day Trip or Weekend Getaway by melinda
This park is a great day trip or weekend getaway that is approximately 1-1.5 hours from anywhere in the metro area. Offers great hiking/mountain biking trails, fishing, horseback riding, and 18 hole golf course. Also open during certain times of the year mini golf, canoes, kayaking, paddle boats and swimming pool so check with park for hours. It is a no wake lake so peaceful and quiet and a fun time for kids of all ages. There are cabins available, tent and RV sites, and a bed and breakfast located at entrance to the park.
Reviews by Park Visitors

USA Parks
USA Parks
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Western Region
Roman Nose State Park
Roman Nose State Park