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Ochoco Wayside State Park
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Ochoco Wayside State Park, located in Oregon, is a picturesque natural haven that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The park features an elevated vantage point atop Ochoco Divide and provides visitors with panoramic vistas of verdant forests stretching out towards distant mountains. It's known for its picnic area nestled among towering pine trees where travelers can rest during their journey along Highway 26. This serene spot also serves as a gateway to various outdoor activities such as hiking or exploring nearby attractions like Prineville Reservoir State Park and Walton Lake Campground.
History of the Area
Located in Prineville, Oregon, this particular park was initially established as a state highway rest area. The land for the site was acquired between 1926 and 1930 from Crook County and private owners.

The original purpose of the location served to provide travelers with an opportunity to take breaks during their journeys across Highway US26. It offered picturesque views of Ochoco Valley which made it popular among tourists passing through Central Oregon.

In its early years, facilities were limited but included picnic tables and restroom amenities that catered primarily towards day-use visitors who needed respite on long drives or wished to enjoy outdoor meals amidst nature's beauty.

Over time though, due largely in part by efforts put forth by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) throughout the Great Depression era - improvements such as stone masonry work added aesthetic appeal while also enhancing functionality within these public spaces; making them more inviting than ever before!

However despite all enhancements over decades past - including addition new trails & interpretive signs highlighting local history/geology etc., there has been no overnight camping allowed at any point since inception till date.

Today it continues serving same role providing motorists traveling along U.S Route 26 scenic overlooks onto surrounding landscapes plus access into nearby recreational areas like Lookout Mountain Wilderness where they can explore further if desired!

Ochoco Wayside State Park is located near Prineville, Bend

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Area Campgrounds
Sun Rocks RV Resort
14900 SE Juniper Canyon Road
Prineville, OR
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Ochoco Wayside State Park is located in central Oregon, approximately 10 miles east of Prineville. Here are the directions to reach the park:

1. Start by heading east on US-26 E/NE 3rd St from downtown Prineville.
2. Continue driving for about 9 miles until you reach NE Ochoco Hwy/Old Paulina Rd.
3. Turn right onto NE Ochoco Hwy and follow this road for another mile or so.
4. You will then see signs directing you to turn left into Ochoco Wayside State Park.

Once inside the park, there are various amenities and recreational activities available such as picnicking areas, hiking trails, fishing spots along McKay Creek, and a playground area.

Enjoy your visit at Ochoco Wayside State Park!

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