Fort Robinson State Park 'the barracks' © TAMIE AMES
you can rent these beautiful barracks so sleep in, they sleep alot of people. great for reunions
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Fort Robinson State Park
Fort Robinson State Park
Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
October 17 Awesome Place by FinoGal
I just participated in my first stay at Fort Robinson this past weekend! I love this place and I hope to return soon! Next time it will be the whole family!
January 31 Great place! Lots of history!! by K. Owen Walker
I have been to Fort Robinson 3 times since the summer of 1988. The whole place is full of history. There is always something to do, unless you would rather relax and do nothing. Fort Robinson is great for that, too! Fort Robinson raises their own grass fed bison to serve in their on site restaurant. The bison tastes great, as does the rest of the food they serve. The only problem I have found is that I still live 1100+ miles away! ?Y~c
January 8 Years of Memories by Cynthia Smith Huhman
My parents took us when we were kids & have carried that on with their grandkids. This has been an annual trip for 25+ yrs & remains one our fav trips & greatest memories growing up. Thank you!!
June 29 My Favorite Park by Charlotte and Don Herrell
We took my 3 sisters, my daughter and their husbands here 20 years ago. What a wonderful 3 days we had. Loved the part of doing what you wanted to do or choosing to do nothing!
April 23 My Family by Chip Raymond
Both my Grandfather (Daniel R Raymond) and my Great Grandfather (George Uhl) served in the US Cavalry at the Fort. The Fort is part of my families history.
March 22 The best place for small or large groups by PT Kelly
I was a Girl Scout Leader for 25 years, always took by troop there minus a couple of years. camped and stayed in cabins by old swim pool.
March 7 Great Place by KRF
I love sitting on the big front porch of the lodge, so peaceful.. Best place in Nebraska !
August 23 Restaurant
The food is fantastic at the Restaurant. Plus I had an amazing waitress that was so kind.
July 26 food in hotel/lodge has been excellent
July 24 There is so much to see and do by Love to camp
We were at Fort Robinson for 5 days and did not have enough time to do everything that is available to do. Really need to get back there.
July 1 GOOD BYE JIM by Amalia
All the way, here in Spain I have heard that one of the last cowboys left us forever. I had the pleasure to meet Jim and ride with him in the wagon several times. He was a true western character but he had a good heart. I will miss you and Badger. Fort Robinson is not going to be the same without both of you. We have lost a unique individual, a good old cowboy. GOOD BYE JIM!! I WILL MISS YOU. I will always remember you as cowboy.
May 15 Our favorite family get-away! by BTG
When our children were growing up we went to Ft. Rob as many as 5 or 6 times a summer- always on Memorial and Labor Day weekends. We either camped or stayed in a cabin and every time it was wonderful! The kids swam, we went on Jeep rides and stage coach rides, trail rides, too. We always ate the first night at the big lodge and had buffalo burgers that were excellent! Every visit the four kids and I would paint ceramics for an entire morning. I still have many of the things we painted and kept with the names and dates on the backs. My kids are all now grown and married with their own families. We all live far away from western NE, but we cherish the relaxing and special times riding bikes, going to the playhouse, campfires, toasting marshmallows and just being a family in a special place for a few days. Thank you, Ft. Rob for all of those very special memories that will always be with us!
August 14 Wonderful place for a Family Reunion!
Amazing playhouse/theater with great actors & actresses. We went every night! Love those buttes! The visitors and staff are wonderful!
June 21 great park by bigfood 40
Great park just do not eat at the hotel poor service ice cold food
June 4 awesome people awesome history by Muley Alliance
absolutely excellent place if you like to relax. Excellent trout fishing ! Excellent history. I am a western Nebraska native and grew up an hour away never getting all i could from the fort. Awesome!!!
April 8 a vacation dream
We go there for one of our family reunions every three yrs and we have very good time there. Great for large reunions. Vi
March 13 Land of Crazy Horse by Ladi
I agree with the comment of another visitor about his/her experience of Fort Robinson: the spirit of Crazy Horse will live on forever
December 30 Trail rider by Wayne Cyboron
I have been to the park many times to view the native american history. The fact that Crazy Horse died here is special to me. The last time I visited we shared the park with members of the Arapahoe,Sioux and Cheyenne nations who were doing an honor ride to Chadron. Quite amazing. I brought my horse and found the stables very accommodating. The trails rewarding and the experience satisfying. My very favorite place.
December 18 history by jimmy
as a otr trk driver ive been thru the park oh hwy 20 many a history nut ive always wanted to stp but never had the time or room.will make the time the fort came to be and the things that happened there should never be forgotten.
November 9 Scouts by ColoradoDad
I grew up in the panhandle of Nebraska, and had the great opportunity to visit Fort Robinson on a few occasions when I was a young man. I have an exceptionally fond memory of a 3 day Boy Scout weekend. The National Guard gave weapons, and K-9 Demonstrations. And we spent 2 days planting trees in the hills to help replenish the damage of the fires a few years before. The only negative memory of that weekend was the terrible sun burn. :)Fort Robinson will always hold fond memories for me, and I am planning a family vacation for next summer so my boys can make their own great memories in Fort Robinson.
October 4 a long time visitor
i have been taking the horses up there for 14 years twice a summer. I love it, and my family loves it. the people are friendly, the park is BEAUTIFUL and there are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy! love this park, and would love to see more people enjoy it. :)
June 20 So much fun!
Had such a great time at Fort Robinson! So much to do for the kids and fantastic scenery! Hope I get to go back someday!
May 26 You start to understand by Western Native
We came up from Denver through Robinson towards the cave National Parks in S. Dakota. The whole area is stunning for 100s of miles. I began to understand why the Sioux and Cheyenne fought so hard to stay.
January 30 American Indian by Superdecker
It is nice to hear so many people enjoy this part of the USA, how it came to be should never ever be forgotten.
November 16 WW11 German POW camp by Dave
My father was the civilian contractor that built the prisoner of war camp at Ft Robinson in 1943. We lived on officers row- Col Lester Vocke was the commandant of the fort. There was also a K-9 training facility on post. Dad and I re-visited again in 1968 and I took my family in 1979.. It is the most beautiful and relaxing spot I think I have ever known--everyone should go there--be sure to see the Indian war history and the spot where Crazy Horse was killed.
October 18 Deer Hunting by Jlov
Been going their since 1974. Best place to go vist Stay Hunting is great. Just Love The Place
October 1 band master
it was absoutly amazing there are no words to adiquitly describe the park
September 3 AMAZING
My now husband and I got engaged here. It is a beautiful place to visit and just learn about our history. I love it here and come back as often as I can
July 27 A treat!! by bill
I had the pleasure of visiting Fort Robinson State Park the week of July 2nd. It is a beautiful park with a very friendly staff. I plan on visiting it once again.
July 23 History, Nature, Entertainment! by Craig Butler
This place is breath-taking! The park is fantastic with lots to do! BUT the true highlight of our vacation were the shows at The Post Playhouse! This week, we happened to catch all 4 shows: The Wizard of OZ (so MUCH fun, it was just like the movie), Pump Boys and Dinettes (toe-tapping good music), Nunsense (HILARIOUS), but my MOST favorite show was The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! My wife and kids and I will always remember this vacation for a very long time! Thank you Fort Rob and the Post Playhouse!
July 11 Amazing scenery, history, and service by Kathi
We just returned from a 5-day tent camping trip at Fort Rob - everything was so clean, green and kept up. The historical tour is not to be missed, we heard stories, walked through the buildings and had an amazing time. We went fishing, toured the fort, had a chuck wagon dinner and went to a live production of The Wizard of Oz all in the same day. The staff were so friendly and helpful. A great place to vacation with teenagers! This will be an annual event for us.
July 2 disappointing by erg
My wife and I drove to Fort Robinson to see it for historical reasons, having interest in the Plains Indian history. The first time we were there all sites were closed, so made plans to travel there again during the regular season. We just returned there mid-season and found the same conditions, all sites remained closed and questions asked gave no satisfactory answers. The area is beautiful to view but totally disappointing to be unable to view historical sites as to what the fort should be emphasizing for us.
June 30 Best Historical Site
We thoroughly enjoyed everything about Fort Robinson. It was beautiful & there is so much amazing history there. Rock on Fort Rob!
June 16 Awsome Place To Trail Ride by V Pollmann
7 of us brought our horses to ride here for the very first time and it was so much fun! Some of trails were challenging and very exciting, it was never a dull moment! The staff was great, the adobe was great too! We hope to come back next year! So much history we are lucky that it is still here!
June 13 Greatest place on earth.
I would live here if I could. Amazing history, the cabins are wonderful, the people are friendly, and the prices are phenomenal.
May 3 Great Place
Out of all the places I have been, Fort Robinson gives me a feeling unlike any other. I love it here.
February 16 Coming Back Soon! by shadrickj
I stopped through Fort Robinson back in April of 2008 on my way back to Cheyenne from Deadwood and Pine Ridge. I had no idea where it was located. I stumbled upon it by accident. Although, we were the only people there, I knew it was a place, of which I wanted to return. I have now made plans to visit for five days over the Mermorial Day weekend in my new motorhome. I am more excited about this trip than any trip in recent years! The spirit of Crazy Horse lives on!
December 8 The BEST vacation for families. by Susan from Lake McConaughy
My parents brought me here as an infant, I am now over 50. We have 5 children and they have children. From Great Grandparents to newborns there is something for everyone. There is truly something magical about the Pine Ridge. We love it just the way it is. Would love to see more funding for the Fort from Lincoln to guarantee one of the most valuable pieces of history will be here forever. Do not hesitate to bring the family here!!
December 3 Wonderful to grow up here by Kim Ronning
My grandparents,my mom and her siblings lived on Fort Rob. before it became a state park. My parents met and courted there. How cool is that? I have been going to the Fort since before I was born. My relatives still work there as they now live in Crawford. I bring my family there now and there are no words for the Fort. It is just an amazing place and I took my girl scout troop there for a visit too and they did not want to leave. Everything is wonderful and so much fun. Wish we lived closer so that we could visit more. I have a ton of insider information that most of the employees do NOT even know. Great fun, great food, great people, great history what else can I say.
November 8 The best of Nebraska!!!
I have worked as a wrangler there for two years and it is absolutely, wonderfully beautiful and full of history!!
September 9 Great riding destination by photohorse
We have ridden horses at Fort Rob for over 10 years. They always provide great accomodations for our horses and ourselves. Great food and great people to work with.
September 7 by Lindsey S.
Very historical, educational, and beautiful scenery! We had a wonderful experience at Fort Robinson. The activities were fun, we especially enjoyed the jeep ride. We wished there would have been more areas the jeeps could have taken us. The Staff was friendly and helpful! The cafe had great food!
August 27 Wide Open Spaces
We enjoyed getting re-aquainted here this summer after @ 30 years. Clean, not crowded, very reasonable prices, lots to do--or not do- as one wants. Very relaxing 5 days!
August 10 Jeep ride was great by Ryan
My wife and I headed out to Ft Rob for a 1/2 day and wish we could have spent more time there. Very beautiful scenery and such great history. Jim took us on a Jeep ride up to the top of the Cheyenne Bluff, and the view was amazing. Food was great too!
August 5 We enjoyed our stay immensely! by Cindy Boldt
we stayed in the hotel for one night.
August 5 planting trees by Brandon Cain
Hello i came to the park with my junior high school must have been 15years or so ago from omaha,ne it was morton junior high. We planted lots of trees from when they burnt down years before that. My teacher was mr. Pavlich. I was just wondering exactly where those trees were and how they are doing today It was a great experience in my life.
July 28 Many things to do for all ages-no crowds by S. Brown
Beautiful location--weather was wonderful (we left 107 degree weather in Texas). Lots of activities-cayaking, tubing, history, sight seeing, swimming, hay rides, etc
July 28 Great place to visit
We will return when we get a chance.
July 10 Great History by Karen
My grandson and I just got back from spending a couple of days visiting the park. My grandson is 9 and learned a lot about what went on at the Fort. We enjoyed the hay ride and Denny was a great tour guide. Would like to come back sometime and rent one of the cabins and stay longer.
June 30 Post Playhouse
Just saw Hello, Dolly! at the Post Playhouse. Excellent production - amazing talent and what a wonderful addition to the Park. Planning on seeing all three productions
June 27 Best Destination in Western Nebraska by Brandon
Fort Robinson State Part was awesome! The service provided by all staff members was unmatched, and the sights were breathtaking. Additionally, it was a great place to learn about Nebraska history (both cultural and natural). I would recommend Fort Robinson to anyone wanting to enjoy recreational activities, learn about Nebraska, and get away from the stresses of daily life.
June 25 by lincoln ne
Fun informative and a great place too sit back relax and enjoy your surroundings
May 31 My favorite Place by Courtney
I love fort robinson cause it has so much do to and alot to see. I went there when i was 14 but I am now 28 and remember alot about it. The one thing that i did is experience is seeing a ghost soldier in the headquarters. I heard its haunted but at the time I never thought about it. But other than that it was interesting. And this happened during the night in the hallway. But I really do like that place and would like to go back there again someday
May 21 My Favorite By Far by The Traveler
I have traveled around the world: Europe, Asia, Middle East, and I have never encountered a place so likable as Fort Robinson. It has a rich, historical background, pleasant accommodations and a friendly atmosphere.
March 22
Great place to ride. Great facilities to bring your own horses. Been there twice and planning a third trip
February 23 My sacred place
i go here every year for at least a week to get my head together. A marvelous place
December 2
I have been around the world with my family but I have to say that our visit to the Fort was the most memorable and fun!
November 17 Truth by Sal Paradise
No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strengths.
September 17 Always has been the best. by Chris
If you are ever in the area, never miss the chance to stop or stay at Fort Rob. Tons of local attractions and activities. The west at its best!
August 25 a great place full of fun
As a past employee I love the fort more than a lot of people. It is definitely the best place to find a job for anyone in high school. not only was work here fun but all the activities and people to meet is special!
August 17 Wonderful Western Nebraska by L Lucas
Had a great time with Scout troop ( Colo- T358). Stayed in the Buffalo Barracks. Buffalo stew dinner ride, chuck wagon breakfast, jeep tour, horseback riding, fishing & hiking at Ft Robinson. History of Ft Robinson is very interesting. Pioneer & western history of the whole area...Ft Laramie,Toadstool Geologic Area, Hudson-Meng Bison site.... Adults & Scouts had a great time there.
August 14 Fabulous by Charley Groth
This is by far the best state park I have found in the USA. Wonderful. Highly recommended.
July 22 History behind locked doors. by Gary M.
This summer was my third visit to Ft. Robinson. From the time of my first visit to my last, I have seen the park move forward with renovation, rebuilding, and preservation. But each time I have visited, the buildings have been locked and can only be observed through a glass pane and its history learned about through small signs. Of the entertainment activities our stagecoach ride was made enjoyable by the driver. He worked two events by himself, but was having fun, was polite, and his easy-going personality left us smiling. Hoping to see more in the future.
June 23 We love it! by Maren Smith
We have used Ft. Robinson as a family vacation spot since I was little. It is very relaxing, with just enough things to do and history to make it enjoyable - Be sure to go to the Post Playhouse!!
June 23 An Excellent Place To Visit by Mr. Kim Walker
Fort Robinson is loaded with history from the Indiana wars through WWII and into the Present.

There are many different things to do and see at Fort Robinson, from horse rides, to horse drawn tours, Jeep tours, hiking, plays, a museum, an excellent restaurant, camping, lodging, etcetera.

I wish I lived closer so I could visit more than once every several years!
June 11 What a great expirience!
A great blend of history from the early years forward!!
June 7 Fun Horseback Trails, Great History!!! by Kandelle
I had such a great time there last fall and the facilities are amazing. Loved horseback riding on the fun trails.
Wonderful Remount History. Where time almost stands still. We come back nearly every summer for trail rides and true relaxation.
April 13 great history place if you love USA.
Reviews by Park Visitors

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