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Doe Island Marine State Park
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Olga, Washington   98279
(lat:48.6328 lon:-122.7876) map location
Accessible only by boat, Doe Island Marine State Park is a quiet 7-acre marine moorage and camping park with 2,049 feet of saltwater shoreline southeast of Orcas Island. Accessible only by boat, the park features views of the Salish Sea and surrounding mountains and islands. There is no potable water on Doe Island and visitors must pack out what they pack in.
A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.
1. Doe Island Marine State Park offers open water swimming opportunities.
2. The park does not have designated swim areas or lifeguards on duty.
3. Swimmers can enjoy the clear, cold waters of Puget Sound surrounding the island.
4. Wildlife sightings during swims are common including seals and various bird species.
5. Swim at your own risk as currents around Doe Island can be strong and unpredictable.
6. Snorkeling is also an option for those interested in underwater exploration near shorelines.
7. The small size of the island allows swimmers to easily navigate its perimeter if desired.

Located in Washington, this marine park offers fishing opportunities for salmon and rockfish. Also available are shellfishing options, including clams and oysters. Anglers can enjoy both shoreline and boat-based angling here. Remember to follow local regulations regarding seasons, limits, and gear restrictions.

Doe Island Marine State Park offers picnic tables and grills, perfect for a waterside meal. Carry-in supplies are required.
1. Doe Island Loop Trail: This is the main trail that circles around the entire island, offering panoramic views of surrounding water bodies and islands.

2. Summit Viewpoint Trail: A short but steep hike leading to a viewpoint at the highest point on Doe Island with stunning 360-degree vistas of San Juan Islands archipelago.

3. West Shoreline Pathway: An easy walk along western shoreline providing close-up encounters with marine life during low tide periods; also offers beautiful sunset viewing spots.

4. East Beach Access Track: Leads directly from camping area down to small pebble beach on eastern side for swimming or kayaking activities; great spot for sunrise watching too.

5. South Cove Nature Walk: Short nature-oriented path through dense forested areas ending in secluded cove perfect for bird-watching and picnicking.

6. North Point Lookout Spur: Branches off loop trail towards northern tip where you can enjoy unobstructed view across Rosario Strait toward Mount Baker when weather permits.

7. Interior Forest Exploration Paths: Unmarked trails crisscrossing interior part allowing hikers opportunity explore unique flora fauna found within park's ecosystem.

8. Campground Connector Trails: These are smaller paths connecting various campsites together, making it easier campers navigate their way around without having use main hiking routes.
Birdwatchers can spot Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons and various waterfowl. Pigeon Guillemots are also common sights.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 1 Fix the dock!! by DrDive
park review stars; one to five A great little park but after 5 yesrs with no dock you would think the parks department would replace it.
August 30 a quiet destination by Lopez
park review stars; one to five We hope the dock will be repaired or replaced soon.
July 11 Dock has been destroyed by Tom
park review stars; one to five This was one of out favorite destinations until this spring. The small dock has been destroyed and I can find no one at WA.State Parks to advise what happened and if it will be repaired.
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