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Brandywine Springs State Park
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Brandywine Springs State Park is a historic site offering natural beauty and recreational activities. It features walking trails, picnic areas, fishing spots, and playgrounds for children. The park also holds significant historical importance as it was once the location of an amusement park during the late 19th to early 20th century. Visitors can explore remnants from this era through interpretive signs along its History Trail while enjoying serene woodland surroundings abundant with wildlife.

History of the Area
Located in New Castle County, Delaware, the park was once a popular amusement and vacation spot during 1886-1923. The site featured attractions like roller coasters, dance pavilions and swimming pools.

It fell into disrepair after closing down as an amusement park but remained open to public for picnicking until it officially became a state-owned property in 1965.

In recent years archaeological excavations have been conducted revealing remnants of its past glory including foundations of old buildings.

- Brandywine Springs Nature Trail: A 1.2-mile loop trail, suitable for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips.

- Lenape Loop Trail: This is a moderately trafficked 3.9 miles long loop trail that features beautiful wild flowers and offers several activity options.

- Northern Delaware Greenway Trail - Rockland to Brandywine Park Section: An approximately 10 mile point-to-point hike featuring the scenic views of Alapocas Run State Park along with wildlife sightings; best suited for intermediate hikers due to its length and some steep sections.

- Oversee Farm Trails - West Side Route: Features an easy walk through open fields on mowed paths covering about one mile in distance; ideal choice if you want a short but pleasant stroll within park boundaries

-The Ponds Edge Pathway : It's around half-a-mile-long pathway which circles two ponds providing opportunities to spot waterfowl or just enjoy peaceful waterside scenery.

-Hidden Pond Hiking Track : Approximately three-quarters-of-a-mile track leading towards Hidden pond where visitors can engage in bird watching activities while enjoying serene environment

-Creekside Walkabout route : Roughly spans over one-and-half-miles alongside creek offering soothing sounds of flowing water accompanied by lush greenery making it perfect option during hot summer days

-Wildflower Woods Waypoint path : Covering almost two miles this path takes visitor into heart of woods showcasing variety flora especially blooming wildflowers during spring season

-Summit View Scenic Stroll waypath ; Short yet rewarding quarter-of-the-mile uphill climb ending at summit giving panoramic view entire state park

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Directions from Wilmington, Delaware:

- Head southwest on W 7th St toward N Market St.
- Turn right onto Adams Street.
- Continue straight to stay on Adams Street for about a mile.

Next steps:

- Take the ramp onto DE -141 S/US - 202S.
- Follow this route for approximately three miles until you reach exit 5B towards Newport.

On reaching Exit 5B:

- Merge with Centerville Road /DE -62W and continue driving along it.
- After half a mile, turn left into Faulkland Rd (signs will indicate Brandywine Springs State Park).

Final stretch of your journey:

- Drive down Faulkland Rd till you see signs indicating entrance to park.

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Delaware State Parks