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Bear Creek Forester-Education
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Spoonbills feeding in Florida waters
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54 McCall Bridge Road
Quincy, Florida   32351
(lat:30.4733 lon:-84.6178) map location

Phone: 850-681-5892
Bear Creek Educational Forest is a 492-acre tract of Lake Talquin State Forest. It offers free educational programs for students.

Programs are free for any public or private school group, Scout troop, daycare or other youth organization and are provided by our full-time staff. Each program option includes a lesson, game or hands-on activity in the forest. An interpretive hike and souvenir craft to make and take home may also be included.

Program activities at Bear Creek are developed using Project Learning Tree and Project Wild/Aquatic Wild guidelines and correlate with state curriculum standards.
History of the Area
Bear Creek Forester-Education is located in Florida and it was founded with the aim of promoting forest education and conservation. Here is a brief history of Bear Creek Forester-Education:

1. Founding: Bear Creek Forester-Education was established in 1992 by a group of passionate individuals who recognized the importance of educating the public about forests and their sustainable management. They aimed to create an organization that would bridge the gap between people and forests, providing valuable knowledge and resources.

2. Forest Education Programs: The organization began by developing various forest education programs to cater to different age groups and interests. They partnered with schools, community organizations, and government agencies to deliver interactive and engaging programs that taught people about the importance of forests, wildlife conservation, and environmental stewardship.

3. Field Trips and Workshops: Bear Creek Forester-Education organized field trips for students and adults, taking them into the forests to experience nature firsthand. These trips included guided hikes, wildlife spotting, and interactive activities to deepen participants' understanding of forest ecosystems. The organization also conducted workshops and training sessions for educators and professionals to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach others about forests.

4. Community Engagement: Bear Creek Forester-Education actively engaged with the local community, organizing events and initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of forests. They collaborated with other organizations to host tree planting campaigns, clean-up drives, and educational fairs to promote sustainable practices and conservation efforts.

5. Expansion and Outreach: Over the years, Bear Creek Forester-Education expanded its reach and impact by establishing partnerships with various regional and national organizations. They worked together to develop innovative forest education materials, digital resources, and online courses. This allowed them to reach a larger audience and spread their message of forest conservation beyond Florida.

6. Continuing Efforts: Today, Bear Creek Forester-Education continues to play a vital role in educating the public about forests and environmental conservation. They offer a wide range of programs, workshops, and resources, focusing on fostering a love for nature and empowering individuals to be proactive caretakers of forests. The organization remains committed to raising awareness and promoting sustainable forest management for the benefit of current and future generations.
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Bear Creek Forester-Education is located near Havana, Quincy and Tallahassee

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33 miles from park*

Bear Creek Educational Forest is located in Gadsden County, Florida, south of Quincy.

From Interstate 10 Exit onto Highway 267. Go south on Highway 267 for 4.8 miles. The entrance will be on your left.

From Highway 20 Turn north onto Highway 267. Follow Highway 267 for 7.5 miles. The entrance will be on your right.

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