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Argyle Lake State Park
Argyle Lake State Park
Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 1 All Roads are open by Bob Stallings
My wife and I driven on the reopened roads since last September. The roads have been repaved and are in excellent condition. There are even some reopened campsites, that are more primitive and seculed.
April 28 An amazing place to spend the day.
The roads around the lake are now open and its such a beautiful and relaxing drive. They have made the road wider and safer.
December 27 closed due to funding!!
The only reason why the roads are closed is due to our own government and how it cannot fund beautiful state parks like this one! I love Argyle, and plan to get married here. Call ahead next time.
October 17 roads to lake closed by lyle
went to the park this morning-roads to the lake were closed. an 80 mile trip for nothing!
September 3 road washed out? by chris
i walked where they say that is washed out and it is not gone there is alot of dabree around the road but to me it looks driveable but the other thing is there are lots of trees down across the roads i think that has alot to do with the closures
July 7 Road closed....
Several years ago after a big storm, the main road that loops through the park was closed due to damage. I do not believe it was ever fixed. I believe that is what is meant by washed out. Otherwise a nice park. I think the only place not accessible was the walk in camping.
March 6 Problems... by Candy
I was reading the comments on this page, and noticed the last comment before mine. I want to note that during rainy season it is of course possible that roads would be harder to travel (not sure what you mean by washed out though, to me that would mean you could not have actually drove on it, and you obviously did). We are talking campgrounds here, not in the middle of a city. I think it is always a good idea when traveling to call ahead (especially 50 miles)to make sure things are still as expected. As to the alcohol? All that information is on the website. I know that the staff is overworked, and probably not always as friendly as they could be. I think everyone has off days. I know I do. I have always enjoyed my time at the park.
August 6 Would have been nice... by Disappointed
...if the states website had mentioned that one of the main roads was washed out and there was no way to get to the campsites that we wanted to get to. It was annoying to find that all out AFTER we had driven almost 50 miles to get there. Also, they dont allow swimming and it is a no alcohol zone.
June 27 What a difference a year makes by June2010
In one year the park has changed. The camp hosts are not friendly and the bathrooms are a mess. Fees are up and I am not sure what I paid for. Not the park I stayed at last year.
June 22 making plans to return
great park
June 16 resturant and bait shop by pam
resturant offers a full breakfast menu which is cooked all day we also have sandwiches and steaks on friday and saturday come check us out we are open wed-sun 6am-9pm bait hours are 7am-7pm thurs-sun wed 7am-12 4pm-7pm hope to see you there
September 12 WORKERS NEED BIG PAT ON BACK by L.Teddy
I remember several years ago Argyle Lake State Park had three (3) full time workers and 3 or 4 seasonal workers plus the teen program.. Now they only have ONE(1) full timer, three(3) seasonal and one(1) Partimer. They also have the Government Program for Teens Helpers as before. This Year the workers Cut Trees, Clean the Bathouse & tiolets, pick-up trash and garbage, weed eat, mow weeds, plant flowers, Cut Brush and clean it up, clean the Horsetrails, and the list go on & On... I think the Site Superindent do a good job at managing the park plus the bookwork He has to do. I am so glad people can enjoy the beautiful sites, the deer, and all of Gods Little Critters. I think these people need a GREAT BIG PAT on the BACK, and a Thank-You from the people. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!
September 4 Grew up at this park
The Park has always been beautiful and the camp grounds are always clean. I always feel safe when I am at the park late at night. My family has had many reunions there that have always been enjoyable.
July 8 Nice Park and Lake by llbowser
Camp Host at the time was a bit confused on fees and did not mention senior rate it was discovered by customer when reading rules that host had left on the table, Bathrooms were not very clean but minimally ok, Camp grounds were very clean and well kept. would definately return.
June 24 Car breaks and new friends are found by Mark, Sue, Kelly, Coyle
Car broke down and hosts Dave and Debbie took great care for us and checked on us continuously and even called to see if we made it home. Delbert a camper knew we did not have a car to get supplies and it was very hot. When we got back to camp that afternoon we found ice and drinks in our cooler. He also called us many times a day to make sure we did not need a ride some place. We were taken care of by complete strangers that treated us like thier family. Great Place to camp and meet new friends you never knew you had.
May 10 great park by bob davis
i have camped for 50 yrs this is one of the best.,
April 30 Great Park by Mitch Mueller
Great park, probably one of my favorite in Illinois. The fishing can be slow at times though.
October 15 beautiful by karen chasteen
i love the lake, the view i love everything about this park.
May 13 camp ground host
can not fine camp gound host half the time
Reviews by Park Visitors

USA Parks
USA Parks
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Western Region
Argyle Lake State Park
Argyle Lake State Park