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Pancho Villa State Park
P.O. Box 450
Columbus, New Mexico   88029

Phone: 575-531-2711
Reservations: 877-664-7787
On March 9, 1916, the soldiers of General Francisco "Pancho" Villa attacked the small border town and military camp at Columbus, New Mexico. Pancho Villa State Park contains extensive historical exhibits which depict this raid, the first armed invasion of the continental United States since the War of 1812, and also the last one.
History of the Area
From Camp Furlong, General "Black Jack" Pershing, who would later command the Allied forces of World War I, pursued Pancho Villa into Mexico. This 11 month pursuit led 10,000 American soldiers 400 miles into Mexico, but ended without the capture of Pancho Villa. Several buildings dating from the time of Villa's raid still stand in Columbus, and the U.S. Customs House, built in 1902, serves as the visitor center.
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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
April 24 Change Name of Park
You should consider changing the name of the park to General John Pershing Park in honor of the great American that pursued Pancho Villa.
April 22 Outstanding bio and historical park by Rob Dolce
This state park has a wonderful mix of history from the Columbus Raid and biological examples in their fantastic desert fauna gardens. Having the name Panco Villa is no more offensive than having a park that is named for Billy the Kid or any character of questionable character. The fact is, we have towns and parks named for individuals that some might find offensive. Native Americans might not like Carson National Forest because of the Long Walk. Mexicans had their land taken by Americans in the Mexican-American war, a war in which we were the aggressor. History is repleat with miss-deeds and much of the determination as to what is wrong and right depends on your prospective. In Mexico they call the Mexican-American War the American War of Aggression.
March 16 Great History by Jeff Hubbard
If you know the story of the Mexican Revolution you know that Pancho Villa was a friend to the US for many years. He is a fascinating character. Saying he was a terrorist is ignorant - please READ.
January 18 ALVARADO by Alvarado J. USMC (retired)
Columbus is a dyeing town, the park is keeping it alive, it brings money from tourism that simply it would not find its way to this dusty little village...Pancho Villa made it famous, enough said.
October 26 what are you thinking? by what is happening to America?
Why would you name a park after a man who murdered 18 Americans?
April 1 source of the name? by JasonM
So... why is the park named for someone who attacked the U.S.? Does Hawaii have a Marshal Isoroku Yamamoto State Park in honor of the Pearl Harbor attack?
January 10 pancho villa terrorist by dina ulferts
Change the name of your park. This is an insult!!!!!!
April 9 1910 Mexican Revolution site by Sand Hill Cranes
where Pancho Villa crossed the border--- museum fabulous-------rv sites nicely spaced--- in a cactus garden----with Pink Store across border in Palomas Chihuahua----superb collection of artware from all over mexico---benefits craftspeople---and serves fab food. Love Pancho Villa AND mexico!

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Pancho Villa State Park
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Pancho Villa State Park is located in the village of Columbus, 35 miles south of Deming via NM 11.

USA Parks
New Mexico
Southwest Region
Pancho Villa State Park
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