Kiser Lake State Park '' © Gene Shirk
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USA Parks
USA Parks
Central Ohio Region
Central Ohio Region
Kiser Lake State Park
Kiser Lake State Park
4885 N. St. Rt. 235
St. Paris, Ohio   43072

Phone: 937-362-3822
Reservations: 866-644-6727
Kiser Lake State Park
© Gene Shirk 2009


Kiser Lake State Park
© Gene Shirk 2009


Kiser Lake State Park

Kiser Lake State Park
© Gene Shirk 2009


Kiser Lake State Park
© Gene Shirk 2009


The quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Kiser Lake State Park makes it a favorite Ohio getaway. The rolling wooded hills and diverse wetlands add to the beauty of this scenic lake known for its clean, clear waters.
Nature of the Area
The area surrounding Kiser Lake State Park is a gift of the ice age. Two natural phenomena caused by the glaciers helped shape the region into its present form. The gently, rolling wooded hills were caused by glacial deposits in the form of end moraines when the ice edge remained stationary for a period of time, creating a linear ridge along the ice front. One such moraine called the Farmersville surrounds the lake on three sides creating a hummocky elevation through the area. Moraine deposits contain boulders, some weighing many tons, carried from as far away as Canada. These boulders, called erratics, are a familiar sight at Kiser. Another geologic feature at Kiser Lake State Park is the kame field at the southeastern end of the lake. Kames are mounds of sand and gravel that are formed by meltwater flowing across glacial ice. The water deposits sediment into holes along the ice margin leaving behind hummocky mounds.

The wetlands at Kiser are in the form of fen and wet meadow habitat. These areas were formed when blocks of ice broke away from the glacier and became covered by sand and gravel. As the climate warmed, the ice melted and left a depression filled with water surrounded by glacial deposits. These areas are filled with many intriguing plants including pitcher plant, sundew, tamarack and spruce.
History of the Area
The Kiser Lake region in Champaign County was the home of Tecumseh, the great Shawnee warrior. He lived and hunted on Buck Creek near the site of present-day Urbana. It was also near here where Simon Kenton, the legendary frontiersman, was once held captive by the Shawnee. Kenton admired the Shawnee for choosing such a beautiful area in which to reside. He remembered the area well and returned later in his life. Around 1802, Kenton settled in Urbana for several years. His remains lie in Oakdale Cemetery, southeast of Urbana under an impressive monument.

Kiser Lake was a dream of John W. Kiser and other members of his family. Their idea was to create a lake in the Mosquito Valley area which was low, swampy and dotted with numerous springs. In 1932, the Kiser family offered to the state of Ohio several hundred acres of the Mosquito Creek Valley. In 1939, a dam was constructed and the new lake was named Kiser becoming part of what is now Kiser Lake State Park. The lake is nearly 2.5 miles in length and has 5.3 miles of shoreline.
GeneralLand, acres531
 Water, acres396
 Hiking Trail, miles11
 Picnic Shelters, #2
 Swimming Beach, feet600
 Beach Concessionyes
 Nature Centeryes
 Nature Programsyes
BoatingBoat Rentalyes
 Boating Limits-3
 Seasonal Dock Rental45
 Launch Ramps, #5
CampingPrimative, #108
 Electric Sites, #10
 Pets Permittedyes
 Camper Cabins, #1
 Group Camp, capacity250
 Cross-Country Skiingyes
 Ice Boatingyes
 Ice Skatingyes
 Ice Fishingyes
A family camping area with 115 non-electric sites is open all year. Picnic tables, fire rings, a trailer waste station and latrines are provided. A group camp is available on the south side of the lake for youth and adult organizations on a reservation basis. Two Rent-a-Camp units, consisting of a tent, dining fly, cooler, cook stove and other equipment, can be rented during the summer months by reservation.
September 4 - September 6
Labor Day Campout - Kiser Lake
Even though the kids started back to school and the hectic fall schedule of sports and activities are filling your calendar quickly, you can still have one last weekend of family fun.

Come out to Kiser Lake State Park for a weekend of naturalist programs, crafts and an evening movie. Enjoy your family around the campfire and the picnic table before it gets so busy that you end up eating in shifts.

October 2 - October 4
Halloween Campout - Kiser Lake
Make your camping reservations early to enjoy Halloween at Kiser Lake.

There will be games, naturalist programs, crafts, movies, trick or treating and hayrides during the day. Make sure that you decorate your site for a chance to win a prize.

A 600-foot swimming beach is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. A refreshment stand is near the beach. Scuba diving is permitted except within the beach area. Divers must be accompanied by at least one person. Proper equipment and marking of the diving area are required.
Sailing is popular at Kiser Lake as boats with motors are not permitted on the lake. A launch ramp and public docks are available. Boats can be rented at two boat rentals within the park.

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Four picnic areas with tables and grills are located in the park. Shelters are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. No open fires are permitted in these areas.
Four hiking trails are located within the park and provide 4.5 scenic miles of walking pleasure. Red Oak trail is located in the family camp area at the east end of the lake. Pine Tree and Possum Hollow trails can be reached from the group camp area. The North Bay Trail follows the lake shoreline for 1.5 miles.
Area Attractions
Kiser Lake Wetlands Nature Preserve, located within the park, consists of two separate areas on the south side of the lake. These areas are remnants of a 300-acre fen known as Mosquito Lake Bog which was created by the last glacier invading Ohio. Access is by written permission only from the chief of the ODNR Division of Natural Areas and Preserves.

The Simon Kenton Historic Corridor, located between Piqua and Mechanicsburg, is popular among tourists. Attractions along the route include: the Piqua Historical Area, A.B. Graham Memorial Center (Founder of the 4-H Clubs) and the Simon Kenton gravesite. Natural wonders along the corridor include Cedar Bog and Ohio Caverns.

The Air Force Museum can be visited in nearby Dayton.
Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
May 9 Serene,Picturesque lake perfect ..... by Ducky,resident
Serene picturesque lake perfect for rowing and canoeing, If you miss the easy times of Mayberry, come here
April 29 trails
the horse riders/sportmans club, made those trails many many years ago, after years of fighting with ohio , HORSES got their trails back. as far as i know the horses dont go on the trail around the campsite area/side. they use the south side. so if you dont like horse poop, stay to the trails for people.
July 29 Swimming Beach by Todd
The Water was cold at some points and I thought it could of been cleaner. But still a good time. I was there today.

Area Campgrounds
Cahill's Meadow Lake
4739 Woodville Pike
Urbana, OH
Area Fishing Related Businesses
Todd's Sports Shop
5726 N State Route 235
Rosewood, OH
(937) 362-3473
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4885 N. St. Rt. 235, St. Paris, OH 43072

USA Parks
USA Parks
Central Ohio Region
Central Ohio Region
Kiser Lake State Park
Kiser Lake State Park