High Cliff State Park 'Mini Canyon-1' © John Plemel
Just a great view of a passageway on the edge of the cliff near the burial mound.
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USA Parks
USA Parks
East Wisconsin Waters Region
East Wisconsin Waters Region
High Cliff State Park
High Cliff State Park
N7630 State Park Rd.
Sherwood, Wisconsin   54169

Phone: 920-989-1106
Reservations: 920-989-1106
High Cliff State Park
'Mini Canyon-1'

Just a great view of a passageway on the edge of the cliff near the burial mound.

High Cliff State Park
© This is copyrighted by the artist. All unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.

High Cliff State Park
'The Lake'

Another view of Lake Winnebago.

High Cliff State Park
'Mound trail'

This is one of the first sights you will see when you enter the forest on your way to the Effigy mounds.

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park
'Near conical mound'

A beautiful picture of the forest and moss covered rocks behind the first conical mound.

High Cliff State Park

As I was leaving the Effigy mound area I ran into a mother deer and her two kids. The mother came within 20 feet of me, she was very curious.

High Cliff State Park

Looks like a pathway through the edge of the cliff. I wonder if it was used as a passageway at one time.

High Cliff State Park
'Mini Canyon-2'

Another view of the same passageway.

High Cliff State Park
'Blue Heron'
© This is copyrighted by the artist. All unauthorized reproductions are prohibited.

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park
'Inside the passage'

Looking out from inside one of the passages through the rock near the burial mounds.

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff is the only state-owned recreational area on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin's largest lake. The park has a marina, historic sites, a campground, picnic areas and shelters, a beach, watchable wildlife, an observation tower, and play areas. Many facilities including a specially-designed cabin, are accessible for people with disabilities.

High Cliff gets its name from the limestone cliff of the Niagara Escarpment, which parallels the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago. This ledge extends northeasterly to the Door County peninsula and on to Niagara Falls, New York.

A 125-acre area within the 1,147-acre park is designated as a state natural area, recognizing its excellent cliff environments, an undisturbed wet-mesic forest, and more than a mile of Lake Winnebago shoreline. Effigy mounds are important archaeological features.
History of the Area
The Niagara Escarpment, often called "the ledge," was formed by the settling and hardening of limy ooze at the bottom of the Silurian Sea, which covered much of Wisconsin nearly 400 million years ago. Later, the flat-lying dolomite was tilted downward to the southeast by earth forces, leaving its higher western edge exposed at the earth's surface.

Between 1,000 and 1,500 years ago, nomadic Siouan Indians built effigy mounds in what is now the park. There are four panther-shaped mounds, two buffalo-shaped mounds, conical mounds, and a linear mound.

As long ago as the 1880s, this area was noted for its breathtaking views of Lake Winnebago.

From 1895 to 1956, a limestone quarry and a kiln to extract the lime from the stone operated here. Workers drilled holes in the stone and used dynamite to blast it loose. The lime extracted in the kiln was sent throughout the Midwest for use in plaster and cement and to apply to soil to reduce acidity. Other limestone from the quarry was used for brick mortar and crushed into gravel. Horses pulled dump wagons of limestone to an area above the kiln until 1946, when they were replaced by a dump truck.

As many as 40 people worked at the operation, including drillers, a blasting specialist, stone crushers, teamsters, barrel makers, laborers, and a blacksmith. Many were recent immigrants from Hungary. In its heyday, the lime industry supported a small "company town" consisting of 16 houses for workers, a store (including a post office, telegraph office, and company office), and a tavern, all owned by the Western Lime and Cement Co.

The state bought the land in 1956 and opened the park in 1957.
 Hiking Trailyes
 Swimming Beachyes
BoatingLaunch Rampsyes
 Electric Sitesyes
High Cliff State Park has 112 regular (family) campsites, 32 of them with electric hookups, and eight group sites. New for 2005, the park also has a specially-designed accessible cabin for people with disabilities.

Firewood is available at the park wood yard. Most necessities can be purchase at the Marina Concession, the High Cliff General Store Museum, and local merchants near the park. There are coin-operated laundries in Hilbert and Stockbridge.

Select your campsite and register at the park office before setting up. During the off season, use the self-registration station.

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High Cliff has four picnic areas with tables, grills, water, and rest rooms. Three open-air shelters and an enclosed pavilion may be reserved for a fee.
Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
August 5 Less trails by Ron M
Great park, but there were horses everywhere.
April 11 Horseback riding at High Cliff State Par by Irene Petrik
The park is doing a great dis-service by not opening the park to trail riding for horses before May 1, 2010. This year spring is early and Hartman Creek and N. Kettle Moraine IS open.
April 1 overnight camping for me and my horse by roxie bredael
I live 2 hours away. riding and then being able to sleep overnight would be great.
March 22 Overnight horse camping and more trails! by Linda Rue
I love riding at High Cliff with my horses and wish there were more trails and overnight camping for my friends who travel to ride there. Overnight camping with horses would be a perfect fit!
March 11 More Horse Trails! by Julie
Please add more trails for horse use. Multi-use is ok too!
March 3 Good day ride. by S. Schad
Currently High Cliff is a good day ride destination. More trails, or overlap with some of the hiking trails, would be even better. I am also an avid snowmobiler, so why not more snowmobile trails (winter) and horse trails (summer) like in the Kettles?
March 3 Great park!
Would love to see more horse trails! Overnight camping for horses would be great too.
February 28 Horse camping by horseownerinWI
Nothing beats being able to camp with our horses. Considering the distance we travel to ride here, it would be great to over-night it.
February 27 More horse trails and overnight camping! by Shawn Christenson
We really lack overnight camping and horse trails in Northeast Wisconsin!!! I would love to give business to this area of the state. We could use some more local horse trails and horse camping!!!
February 27 Great park! Needs horse camping. by Patty
My husband and I drove up there last year to check it out as a possible day ride outing for our saddle club. We really liked the park; however, it was just too far to drive for a day ride. If the park had overnight camping for horseback riders we would be one of the first to camp there adding it our list of yearly trips. I have to believe there are many other saddle clubs and equine association that would as well. Please consider adding a horse camp and more trails to this beautiful Park.
February 27 Nice horse trails by Joanne
Like your horse trails, wish you had more and it would be nice to have overnight camping.
February 25 more trails needed
I was at your park last year and like the trails. I live almost 2 hours away from the park so I am driving longer then it takes me to do the trails. If there were more trails I would be more willing to go to the park. If there was a horse campground there I would love that! Please consider putting in a campground. Horse people like to camp too and if they can take their horses that makes it even better! Thanks
January 27 Camping w/ Horses
What a great location.....trails are amazing and would LOVE to see overnight camping for horses.
January 26 Horse Trails by Tanya
I love your horse trail, but feel you should have more of them. You could link them to another park. Overnight camping would also be great.
January 21 keep horse trails going
January 20 Horse trails
I enjoy the horse trails at the park, but it would be really nice to have overnight camping. Seems like there is more than enough room and it would certainly generate more income.
January 19 over nite horse camping would be great by Karen
Having an overnite camping at high cliff would be a fantastic thing, it would get used lots, and more trails to ride would be a great thing also.
January 18 Overnite camping
Overnite camping for horse and rider would be great!
January 18 Horse Trails are a true Blessing by Michele
We love to ride @ High Cliff! It is a great place to take our sons! I would like to see the trails grow,connecting into the Calumet system would be nice. The day parking is great. It would be great if there was a separate over-night camping area that allowed the horses as well. Thank You for a beautiful park! Keep you the good work.
January 16 More of the same!
Would like to enjoy more of the same trails, plus overnite accmodations.
January 16 Nice Horse Trails by Diane Sauer
It would be great to have overnite camping for us horse people and also more horse trails.
January 15 Love the Place
Wonderful place to ride.Really a nice place to bring your family. Would like more horse trails and overnight camping!
January 15 Horses by autumn
would like more horse trails and camping!
January 15 Horse gal with lots of horse friends!!! by Cwgrlup
Park is great but wish there were trails for horses and overnight camping, we are always looking for new places to go with 30+ ladies in tow!!!!
January 14 Beautiful Horse Trails at High Cliff by Peggy Dahlin
The horse trails are wonderful, along with the scenery and wildlife. Connecting the trails from High Cliff to Calumet Cty Park would add much more riding and much more interest and use of the park. Having horse camping available would be a benefit not only to the people, but to the park growth and status. There is alot of horse involvement in Wisconsin which brings in millions of dollars, and a horse camp should seriously be considered.
January 14 overnight camping by Dawn K
We would love to see overnight camping for the horses. I love riding the horses trails currently available but would love to be able to camp or have more trails available.
January 13 Love new adventures by equynelvr
I absolutely love being able to make a weekend out of a horse adventure. Parks with great trails and campgrounds make that possible. Please provide more opportunities.
January 13 Great park
Would LOVE to see extended trails & OVERNIGHT horse camping!!!!
January 13 Horse Trails by Windyrock
Beautiful horse trails go through woods and around open fields. They are great. This park could improve by providing overnight camping for people with horses. We typically have to drive more than 2 hours to camp overnight with our horses. If this park had overnight camping, we would only need to drive 60 minutes! More horse trails would be a wonderful.
January 13 no camping? by Laurie
This park needs more trails and overnight camping for horses!
January 12 Nice Trails by Fran
Love High CLiff! Nice place to ride horses....Hike...and or Picnic. It is pretty close so its nice just for a few hours or camping..
January 12 Thanks for the Horse Trails by Horse Lover
This is our favorite place to do a day ride during the summer. Nice cool breeze most days and very few bugs. Also with cost of gas this trail is very close for alot of people with horses. Would love to have more trails and a horse campground.
January 12 Fantastic Horse Trails!
We love the horse trails at High Cliff - go riding there a lot, but wish we could stay overnight with our horses. Hope that will be a reality in the future - would be great to connect to Calumet Co. trails as well.
January 11 Great place to take the horses by Swollen Creek Farm
Lovely park and not so far from Milwaukee, all horse people should visit this park. Looking forward to our next visit.
January 11 A Great Park
More horse trails and overnight camping would be greatly appreciated.
January 11 Horse Trails by Nancy Brandt
Hoping consideration for more horse trails and overnight camping with our horses might be in the future. This is a lovely place to visit.
January 11 horse back riding and horse camping by lori gottsacker
i spend alot of my time in the spring summer and fall riding and camping and would love a new place to go. i have camped with my family and would love to go with my horses. my group of friends have looked into high cliff but the amount of trails is few more trails would bring me and alot of riders to the park thank you lori gottsacker
January 10 Beautiful state park by Jeanne
I really enjoy riding the horse trails at High Cliff, although currently it is not permissible to camp overnight with our horses. I think it would draw more horse people to the park if overnight camping would be available. Also a trail connecting High Cliff State Park and Calumet County Park would be a fantastic addition to the existing beautiful trails, and I think it would draw in a lot of riders from all over the state.
January 10 Great Park
Wish there was an area for horse camping. Would like to see more horse trails.
January 8 Love the trails.
Love your trails. Camping would make the time there longer as an overnight camping would allow two days to enjoy the area.
January 8 More Trails For Horses
Would love to see some trails for horses and a place for overnite camping with the horses! Thanks, Shelly Heider
January 8 Horse back rider by Jackie Pues
Enjoy the trails for horse backriding.It would really be nice to be able to ride from High Cliff to Calumet Co. park. Overnight camping with horses would be icing on the cake!
January 8 Horse Trails and Camping
Would be great if this park would add overnight camping for people with horses as well as more trails - possibly connecting to another park or just looping the trails as there are many horse people that ride and camp April-October. It would increase the number of people that would come to your park as a lot of other state parks are constantly booked full by people camping with horses.
January 8 Beautiful horse trails! by prmulcahy
We visit High Cliff several times a year to ride the trails and just love them. It would be great to see more trails and overnight camping for horses!
January 8 Nice Local Ride
I live about a half hour away and High Cliff has always been a great day ride place to go to. The trails are sound and not very challenging for young horses since you can ride all the trails within 3 hours. My suggestion would be to add more horse trails for those who like to ride for more than 4 hours and maybe add a few horse campsites for those who live further away in order for them to enjoy High Cliff too.
January 8 More Horse Trails - Longer Season
We would like to see more equine trails and overnight camping areas for the horses. Ride these trails often, new/expanded trails would be greatly appreciated. Also winter riding would be nice. Thank you
January 7 Horses Welcome, Good trails. by Laura Steidl
Beautiful horse trails go through woods and around open fields. They are great. This park could improve by providing overnight camping for people with horses. That service, plus more horse trails, would be a big draw for people from outside the area to use this beautiful park.
January 7 Very nice park conveniently located
Would really like to see more horse trails established and horse camping available. Currently is a nice day trail though.
January 3 Love the trails
Wished there were more trails for horse backriding, and being able to ride from high cliff to calumet co. park... and with that be said overnight camping with horses would be nice.
October 18 Good place to enjoy the falls by Giri
The drive thru the Camp area and the surrounding area was the best to enjoy the Fall and beauty of the colors, very nice trails, beautiful lake view, more to explore...
April 21 One of our favorite parks
Awesome Park...we really enjoyed our time in this park.

Area Campgrounds
Hickory Oaks Campground
3485 Vinland Road
Oshkosh, WI
Apple Creek Campground
3831 County Road U
De Pere, WI
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High Cliff State Park is 9 miles east of Menasha on State Highway 114. (From Menasha, Highway 114 starts as US Highway 10 and branches off to the southeast.) Turn south off Highway 114 at Pigeon Road and go about 1.6 miles to the State Park Road. Turn left (east) on State Park Road to the park entrance.

To reach the park from the south, take US Highway 151 north from Fond du Lac about 18 miles. Continue north on Wisconsin Highway 55 to Sherwood. Turn left (west) on State Highway 55/114. Stay on Highway 114 for about 2 miles to Pigeon Road. Turn left (south) on Pigeon Road and go about 1.6 miles to the State Park Road. Turn left (east) on State Park Road to the park entrances.

USA Parks
USA Parks
East Wisconsin Waters Region
East Wisconsin Waters Region
High Cliff State Park
High Cliff State Park