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The Palouse Region
Central Ferry State Park
Boats and RVs
Metalite Industries - Spokane, WABoat Dealer
An industry leading series of high quality, reliable, durable and complete pontoon leisure craft and work boats. These classic custom pontoon watercraft products are designed to meet the demands of owners and the public for safety, comfort and long lasting value.
74.9 miles from park*

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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
March 27 Looking for Angel Investor by stpdolman
Lets open this park. You invest and I will operate.
June 21 Quite, roomy, scenic, by lv2mtrhome
Beautiful park. COE should be ashamed of themselves. They are ignoring their duty and commitment to provide and protect public recreation spaces as part of their charter.
April 21 Give us back our STATE PARKS!!! by A.L. Leigland
What a disgrace to have so many of our state parks closed. What you have done is out priced them so high that only the high income can afford the parks. With the fuel cost as it is people will stay closer to their home areas. Open up these parks, we need them.
November 27 Crash The Gate Its our Land!
gate is still open?
May 30 closed due to lack of funds by BA
A waste of taxpayers dollars- no camping nothing but waste. Our state attempting to leverage taxpayers into increased taxes to fund. We should take back the parks.
July 8 Favorite quick getaway
Big Springs is an excellent place to get away for the day from the Lewiston/Clarkston area. Beautiful camp sites, but great place to just picnic too.

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Central Ferry State Park
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USA Parks
The Palouse Region
Central Ferry State Park
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